Hi, I'm Blair

I have always been enthralled by the intangible pleasures that thoughtful design can evoke since I was a kid. I love to distill complex problems into its bare essentials to create products that will invoke joy through its usage and solve important issues, elegantly and beautifully.

Previous to becoming a UX/UI designer, I worked at a hotel management company as a revenue analyst after receiving dual bachelor’s degrees in Finance and English Literature and an MS in Hospitality Industry Studies. My interests in psychology and design drove me to study hotel development and management, which is all about creating pleasant and memorable experiences for customers. This is also the essence of UX design. Moreover, optimizing and maximizing value for the company has trained me to think critically and logically. With my multidisciplinary background, I strike a balance between the best product and the best possible product with the hopes of enriching the lives of others and changing the future for the better.


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