JETSWEAT is a online fitness streaming platform that lets you take all your favorite boutique fitness classes wherever you may be.

My responsibility was to redesign the company’s website and fitness streaming web app platform to increase user conversion and retention rates.  I also built several new features, including two way live video class,  JETSWEAT community, and users’ live biometric data. All designs were shipped and implemented by developers.

Project Span

4 Weeks

Design Tools

Figma, Sketch


CEO, 1 Product Designer, 10 Software Engineers

My Role

Product Designer (UX/UI), UX Researcher


1. As an early-age start up, JETSWEAT's  user conversion and retention rates are both quite low. The CEO wants to redesign the website, especially the sign up flow, to encourage people to join and start their free trials.
2. Current website and product designs are outdated and messy, which leads to low user confidence into the company and low brand awareness. To overcome this, JETSWEAT needs to improve its aesthetics and design patterns to convey a sense of trustworthy and authority.
3. The CEO wants to create a more engaging and intuitive user experience and build a strong user base in preparation for the future market expansion.


1. Redesign company's website and fitness web app to improve visual hierarchy and esthetics
2. Optimize information architecture and user flows to ensure a smooth and intuitive product interaction
3. Build desired new features and add more value to the fitness streaming web app to make it more competitive and attractive to target users
4. Establish user trust into the products by redesigning and optimizing

UX Research

Product Audit

To better understand the products, I did heuristics evaluations and went through complete user flows as a part of the product audits.

The UI design is the main problem for the website, including
1. Misalignment issue (text, component, and image)
2. Inconsistent design
3. Confusing visual hierarchy
4. Outdated design pattern and page layout

Accessibility and legibility issue
1. The brand green color is very muted, which is hard for people to see. The color contrast ratios don't pass the accessibility regulation.
2. Due to the muted brand color, the CTA buttons and links are often being neglected.
3. Some texts are too small and have readability issues.

Confusing UX flows
1. The website contains duplicate and redundant information, which might be counterintuitive to users.
2. Some user flows are confusing without clear guidance and CTA button.
3. The overall UX design is not engaging and welcoming enough for users to sign up and try out the products.

Redesigning the Landing Page

Redesigning the "How it Works"Page

Redesigning the Sign Up Page

One of the business problems is that people go to the sign up page and then drop. A large amount of people never sign up and start their free trials. Therefore, another main task for me was to redesign the sign up page to improve the user conversion rate.

Building the New Features for the Web App

According to the users' feedbacks, we are missing some important features compared to our competitors. Thus, I built several new features, including JETSWEAT community, two-way live video class and users’ live biometric data, to add more value to the products.

The Outcome

1. All my final designs were shipped and implemented by developers.
2. Most users stated that they trust JETSWAET more after the redesign because the website and product look more legit.
3. Most users commented that the user interactions are easier and make more sense after the redesign. It's much quicker for them to find information and complete a task.
4. All users agreed that the new design is more visually pleasing and easy to understand.
5. The newly added features encourage more users to join and make JETSWEAT more competitive.