SILO is an IoT company that aims to bring technology to people’s homes. It’s main products are SILO smart safe and its iOS companion app. My role in SILO as a UX/UI designer was to redesign the iOS app to improve its usability.

To redesign the iOS app, I first conducted usability testing on the current product to identify the problems. Which functions or areas are users struggling with? Which users' pain point do we fail to address? After understanding the product and the target users, I started to ideate and redesign by collaborating with developers and the CEO. I want to make sure my redesign not only addresses user problems but also meets the business and technical requirements.

Project Span

6 Weeks

Design Tools

Figma, Sketch


CEO,  1 Industrial Designer, 10+ Software Engineers

My Role

UX/UI Designer, UX Researcher


1. Silo was about to officially launch their product - the Silo smart safe. However, they haven't done any formal usability testing about the final products.

2. After using the trial version, many pilot users stated that the info and data in the iOS app is hard to understand. The app doesn't provide enough instructions or explanations for the actions users can take. The interaction between the safe and it's app is confusing. The users are worried about product misemployment and any potential financial loss.

Design Goals

1. Understand how the iOS app interacts with the smart safe and redesign the iOS app to streamline the user flows and make the interactions as smooth as possible.
2. Rethink about iOS app's IA structure and revamp the screen layout
3. Redesign the UI patterns to deliver a clear visual hierarchy and improve the aesthetics

Design Process

Understanding the Context

The first step of the design process was to gather all information about the company, the products, and the users. What are the company's objectives? Why smart safe? How do we differentiate ourselves? Who can afford and want to buy a smart safe? Why would people be interested in buying a smart safe instead of a regular safe? What are the product goals?

Target Customer

Considering SILO smart safe costs $500, most of our target customers meet these following criterias.

Product Goals and Use Cases

Silo iOS companion app is mainly used for monitor purposes. When the owner is not home, he/she can still closely monitor any activity that happens to the safe and take actions immediately if something wrong happens.

Another common user case is emergency usage. For example, the owner is on the way to the airport for his business trip and he just notices that he left his passport in the smart safe. In this senserio, the owner can contact his family/roommate and give them temporary access to the safe without telling them his password.

Testing the Current Product

Product Audit

To evaluate whether SILO ios app conforms to design best practice and meets customer requirements, I conducted a product audit. Followings are four main issues about the iOS app.

Usability Testing

Due to COVID-19, the interviews were conducted remotely. I communicated with the users through video calls while the users were interacting with the safe and app. I gave users 15 tasks to complete with post-test questionnaires. The test was evaluated in both quantitative and qualitative ways.

Quantitative Results

Qualitative Results

Lack of Support



Testing Summary

User's feedbacks were aligned with my product audit findings.

Ideation & Redesign

Home Screen

Lock Screen

Access Screen

Activity Log Screen

Testing the Redesigned Product

Quantitative Results

Qualitative Results




Design Impact